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We manufacture trolling flies, trolling fly kits, jigs and cut bait rigs used fishing to catch Salmon and Trout or other fish in the Great Lakes or Ocean.

We distribute Frozen Herring, Anchovy and other bait products.

trolling flyOur trolling flies are designed to be used behind either a dodger or a flasher to give an erratic action to the fly. The flies are available packaged either individually or bulk packaged with 5 unrigged flies to a package.

trolling fly kits

Trolling fly kits are available for the fisherman that wants to make their own custom flies.

Cut Bait and Whole Bait trolling rigs for use with either cut bait fishing rigcut herring strips or whole alewife, anchovy, herring or other types of bait either whole or cut in strips.

We are located in Antioch, Illinois, on the Illinois / Wisconsin Border

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